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Phuket Island Ultimate Travel Guide

Thailand is surrounded by numerous islands that offer countless adventures and exploring opportunities. But with so many to choose from, where do you start? Narrowing down what you want your experience to be while travelling Thailand will determine which islands you should check out while you’re there. Some offer an escape from crowds and stores while others have packed beaches and the best nightlife. For those who are looking for a happy mix of visiting historical sites and bomb beaches to lounge away the day, Phuket Island should be at the top of your list!

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

If you’re a lover of wildlife, then getting to interact with elephants will sound like a dream come true. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary in Pa Klok is a home for retired elephants (mainly from the logging and tourism industries) that’s open to the public. Trying to find words to explain how incredible it is to be so close to these creatures is nearly impossible, you have to experience it for yourself. You’ll have to chance to bathe elephants during a tour as well as feed and play with them!

Wat Chalong

This temple in Chalong, Mueang Phuket was built in the early 19th century. Out of the 29 buddist temples on the island, this is the most important one. Known for it’s golden statues, gardens and Buddha paintings, it’s a must-see in Phuket. It is a sacred place of worship so be aware of certain customs. Make sure to dress appropriately and remove your shoes when entering certain buildings.

Big Buddha Phuket

Placed at the top of a mountain, this iconic 45-meter tall marble statue is one-of-a-kind. When you climb to the top you’re able to take in a complete panoramic view of the surrounding area. You might need a minute or two to soak everything up! It’s one of the best viewpoints on the island.

Phuket FantaSea

When you think of exploring an island in Thailand you probably don’t have checking out a theme park in mind. Phuket FantaSea is a cultural theme park filled with shopping, authentic Thai cuisine, and plenty of entertainment for the entire family. It’s best to book in advance if you want to check this out!


Like every other area in Southern Thailand, the beaches here are legendary. Some are quite a bit busier than others so it’s a good choice to look into what atmosphere the top beaches offer to find the one you’ll most enjoy! There are plenty of different activities at each beach from snorkeling to hopping on a long-tail boat.

If you’re still looking for more island fun, don’t worry, you have more than one island to choose from! After your adventures in Phuket you can head to Krabi for even more island hopping. Local cruises take you from one island to the next with stops in between to allow you to explore the waters and relax on the boat.

From elephant sanctuaries to giant Buddha statues and renowned beaches, Phuket offers adventures for every traveler. You’ll be able to experience the culture and history while seeing some of the best sights Thailand has to offer. The best part is you don’t have to limit yourself to this one island, take in as much of Thailand as you can while you’re there.

Krabi Sightseeing – Hidden Gems

There’s always the challenge of narrowing down your sightseeing list while on vacation. You don’t want to put too many things on your list and run out of time to see everything. But you also don’t want to find out about cool places after your trip is over. If you’re hoping to land in Krabi, Thailand any time soon, this is a list of Krabi sightseeing spots that are considered to be off the beaten path.

Nam Tok Rawn – Steamy Krabi Sightseeing

The hot springs are in the same jungle reserve as the Emerald Pool and Thung Teao forest Natural Park (which you should also check out if you have time). The water averages at a warm 35-40 degrees Celsius and is full of natural mineral salts. It does tend to get busy so you should try to get there early to enjoy it before anyone else! On a cooler or rainy day this would be the perfect place to make the most of the poor weather.

Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Natural Trail

It’s more of a hike than a walk. This “nature trail” has rough terrain and gets quite steep, but it’s totally worth it to see this view. You will be able to see for miles once you get to the top. For this reason, it had to make the Krabi sightseeing list! Make sure you have decent footwear and lots of water, the hike there and back (plus an amazing photo shoot) can be done in four hours.

Huai To Waterfall

Located in Khoa Phanom Bencha national park, this waterfall has crystal clear water that’s cool enough to refresh anyone after they walk around. There are five large pools the waterfall cascades down before it reaches the bottom. There’s also a “hidden” waterfall beyond this one that requires another short hike to see.

Caves in Ao Luek

Ao Luek is well-known for a mangrove forest and tons caves to explore. The caves can be reached by long-tail boat and have many ancient cave drawings on their walls. It’s highly recommended to do this as a guided tour to learn all of the history as you are exploring each cave.

Island Hopping Cruise

Out of everything on this list, this is likely one of the more well-known Krabi sightseeing adventures… but the views are so unbelievable that we couldn’t help but add it! There’s no way you can go to Thailand without hitting the water and exploring nearby islands. The island cruise allows you to see a different side to Thailand that not everyone is lucky enough to experience. You can even watch the sunrise or set across the Andaman Sea, which is just as stunning as it sounds.

You already knew the beaches were legendary, but now you have so many other things to check out in Krabi, Thailand. From hidden waterfalls to hiking trails and caves, Krabi offers so many different experiences that aren’t as well-known. The best part is, these are only some of the many Krabi sightseeing adventures you can go on while you’re there!

Booze Cruise Better in Thailand

The ultimate level of luxury and adventure while on vacation usually involves hitting the water while indulging in a bevy or two. Not only do you get to see your destination from a completely new angle, you can appreciate the marine life and get away from the overcrowded cities. There are booze cruises at almost every vacation destination you can think of… so where do you plan on going? If you haven’t already made that decision, here are some things that will likely sway you into choosing Thailand. A Thailand booze cruise will be easier on your wallet, offer some of the best views and you’ll meet some of the happiest people while on board.

Booze Cruise Views

If you thought the pictures of Thailand are incredible then just wait until you see it from the sea! A Thailand Booze cruise shows you a side of this tropical paradise that not everyone gets to see. One of the top rated cruises even allows you to explore the water at every stop. You will have some amazing scuba diving experiences with the crystal clear, turquoise waters that are filled with tropical fish. However, if you don’t want to dive into the water, lounge on the deck and soak up the sun as you enjoy a drink.

Another reason that it beats other booze cruise locations is the weather. Unlike other parts of the world, blue skies and warm temperatures are almost a guarantee during the dry season. Who wants to be stuck in side with grey skies when they could be out making memories in paradise?!

Treat Yourself

While alcohol on North American and European booze cruises is fairly expensive, Thailand offers drinks that are very affordable. Sangsom whiskey is a local spirit of choice with a very mellow taste. It’s made from sugarcane and aged in oak barrels which technically categorizes it as rum, but it’s still referred to as whiskey. The low cost means that you and your friends can enjoy some drinks without maxing out your budget. This is only one of the many popular spirits you can get into on a Thailand booze cruise.

Good vibes & Great people

Thailand lives up to being “the land of smiles”. Not only is Thailand ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world, there’s also a very relaxed outlook on life here, making it a perfect destination to kick back and relax. Mai bpen rai” is a common Thai phrase used that means “don’t mention it” or “you’re welcome”. This shows how the Thai lifestyle is simply go with the flow. The seemingly stress-free atmosphere welcomes all tourists and creates the perfect party atmosphere.

These are only some of the major points that make Thailand the top booze cruise destination. The combination of perfect weather, beautiful scenery, budget friendly drinks and good vibes will make you wish that your trip didn’t have to come to an end. A Thailand booze cruise is the perfect addition to your bucket list!

Visit Krabi Island Thailand During High Season

While there are many areas in Thailand that you can travel to year round, one of the best times to visit Krabi island in Thailand is during high season. Planning your trip for this time of year will guarantee some of the best weather, sights and festivals.

So let’s get into it! Here are some of the top reasons why high season is the best time for you to escape to this tropical paradise.

High season in Thailand is between November and March. It’s called high season because of the significant increase in tourists visiting the area. However, if you go early enough in November you beat the crowd and enjoy all of the other bonuses!

Krabi Island Thailand Weather

High season is also dry season for Krabi! Monsoon season ends in October, which brings cool temperatures (still pleasantly warm), lower than normal humidity levels and less rain. Compared to the scorching summer heat, this weather makes for an enjoyable day on the beach. You’ll be able to soak up the sun instead of trying to hide from it.


Since monsoon season has recently come to an end, everything is starting to grow again. The area is blooming with new life, creating lush forests and unforgettable views. However, seeing the greenery on surrounding islands from afar doesn’t do it justice, so get in close with a boat cruise! Hit the water to feel a cool sea breeze while getting the best view possible when sailing from island to island.

Fewer tourists

Yes, high season means high tourist population, but not for the entire time! A lot of people aren’t yet thinking about escaping winter until January and February, so you’ve got some time to enjoy everything before it gets overcrowded. Prices for flights and hotels are also pretty moderate at the beginning of high season compared with later on.

Festival of Lights

Loi Krathong, also known as the Festival of Lights, is one of the biggest Thai festivals that takes place on the night of the 12th full moon every year (usually within the first few weeks of November). It’s not only to celebrate the river goddess “Mae Nam”, but also to give thanks. Traditionally, people join together and release krathongs (decorative floats) into the water as well as paper lanterns into the sky. Larger cities like Bankgkok and Chaing Mai are known for huge groups of people coming together. However, many gather in Krabi town as well as Ao Nang beach. Tourists are welcome to take part in the celebration and watch the beautiful sight.

By now, you likely don’t need any more convincing that high season is the time to land on Krabi island in Thailand. Keep in mind that the beginning of high season will mean less tourists in the area, you should have an amazing trip! As long as you book in advance you should be able to secure a trip. Enjoy the perfect weather, plants in bloom and endless adventures. Krabi Island, Thailand will make for the ultimate early winter getaway.

5 Reasons Why Thailand is the Top Tropical Spot

You want to go somewhere warm and sunny, easy as that. Thankfully, our wonderful planet has a ton of tropical destinations to give you just that! But nice weather isn’t the only thing you want to make sure your vacation has. You also want to be able to stick to your budget, have beaches to lounge on and mountains to hike.  As stressful as it might feel trying to find the perfect spot, your criteria actually helps narrow down your options significantly. There’s one place that can offer all of that and more – Thailand.

Thailand Weather

There are three official seasons – hot season, cool season and wet season. During the hot season, you can find everyone at the beach and there’s a lot to choose from! It’s most busy during the cool season, since temperatures are more comfortable. It’s the perfect weather to walk around and take in all the sites. When the wet season arrives, it’s best to avoid the southern part of Thailand as the islands tend to flood. This is when tourists go north. Bangkok and other cities in the area are rich with history and ancient ruins to explore.

There’s something to do no matter what season it is!

Price Point

Do a quick google search and you’ll find Thailand on almost every list of cheapest places to travel. Not only are the accommodations affordable, the day trips, taxis and food are reasonably priced too. You can plan on spending around 50 dollars a day while you’re there, keeping in mind that the location is a big factor that determines the price. You’ll also save quite a bit of money if you don’t consume a lot of alcohol as that can add up quickly. Overall, this is a great place to go if you don’t have a huge budget.

Sightseeing in Thailand

Honestly, everything there is breath taking. You may think that’s an overstatement, but Thailand has sights for everyone to enjoy. Lush jungles? Check. Temples and ancient ruins? Check. Lookout points at the top of a mountain? Check. Turquoise water and white beaches? Check.

There’s such a variety of options that makes this the perfect destination for everyone. No matter what your interests are, Thailand will have it covered.


So beaches were quickly mentioned earlier, but that didn’t do them justice. The pictures you’ve likely seen on travel sites and Instagram are put through filters and edited. All of the beaches look like that, making for a gorgeous view while you soak up the sun. These areas do get quite busy, but there are enough beaches for everyone to find a spot to lay.

Boat Cruises

Is the sea calling your name? Then go! There are a bunch of boat cruises to take you to the surrounding islands. It’s a cool and affordable way to see another part of Thailand. Most boat cruises stop so that you can snorkel, kayak, paddle board or just float around. It’s a super chill way to enjoy this tropical paradise.

There are so many reasons why Thailand is the top tropical destination, and these alone may have already convinced you to go! You’ll be able to stick to your budget while spending your days exploring temples, lounging on beautiful beaches and hitting the open water! No matter what time you decide to go, Thailand will welcome you!

Where to Travel in Thailand – North vs South

Thailand is a very popular tourist destination for travellers from all corners of the planet. The country boasts many different landscapes – mountains, jungle, country-side, and beaches! And then there’s the incredible cuisine, ancient culture, intriguing history and much more – there’s something to satisfy all curiosities. If you have enough time, we highly recommend that you travel throughout the entire country, not just the coast. This is especially true if you’re having a hard time deciding on what you want to see and what you’re okay passing on. That said, if you’re on a tight timeline, you’ll want to stick to one area. So where should you travel in Thailand? We guess that totally depends on what you’re looking for! Let’s dive a little deeper into what each area has to offer so you can make this “tough” decision.

Thailand – Region Breakdown

Just like most countries, Thailand has huge differences between the northern and southern parts. One is not better than the other, they simply offer such polarizing experiences that you want to make sure the area you pick to travel in Thailand is right for you.

Northern Thailand is a vast landscape of mountains and valleys, basically a backpacker’s paradise. The jungles offer the perfect place to see exotic animals. Southern Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, where you can lounge all day with a fruity drink in your hand.

Where to Travel in Thailand

Northern Thailand

If you would prefer jungles over the ocean, then northern Thailand is for you. One of the biggest tourists attractions is the elephant sanctuary. You’ll be able to get up close to see just how magnificent these animals are.

Northern Thailand has a much calmer atmosphere. You’ll be lost in the beauty of the nature and it’s the perfect escape from your busy life. Chiang Mai is the largest city in the north. It has hundreds of breathtaking Buddhist temples, including Wat Phra Singh and Wat Chedi Luang as well as so much more to explore. These parts of Thailand are rich in history and culture.

Southern Thailand

When you think about the perfect vacation, does it need to include a beach? If that’s the case, then we urge you to check out southern Thailand. There are white sandy beaches and gorgeous turquoise waters wherever you go! You also have the choice to stay on land or explore the waters. Some of the best snorkelling spots in Thailand are in this area. One of the popular activities is to go on an island hopping cruise. You’ll be able to tour around islands and jump into the water at each stop!

If you’re looking to have fun and party until the early hours of the morning, you’ll be happy to know that the nightlife in southern Thailand is amazing! Many bars are open late and there’s plenty of transportation to get you home safe in the wee hours.

The food is mainly fresh seafood, so if you’re not a fan, then the cuisine of northern Thailand might better suit your taste. However, all throughout the country, there’s plenty of delicious tropical fruit for drinks and dessert. Thai cuisine is legendary with its spicy, sweet and tangy mix of flavours. Rest assured, it’ll all taste so much better than anything you can get back home!

If your plan is to travel in Thailand, you will have an awesome vacation, no matter where you land. Remember, if you’re looking to get in touch with nature and check out historic landmarks then northern Thailand is for you. Whereas, if you want to party on the beach all day and keep it going all night, then stick to southern Thailand. Each has a unique vibe, plenty of cool experiences and incredible memories just waiting to be made!

Travel in Thailand – Top Stop in South East Asia

Picture your dream vacation. It can be anywhere in the world. Where is it? There may have even be multiple destinations that come to mind, but one area that’s usually at the top of everyone’s list is South East Asia. There’s so many different things to experience and explore within each country. So how do you choose just one place to visit? It all depends on what you want! If you’re looking for something with a mixture of beaches, ancient ruins, wildlife and more then you need to travel in Thailand.


The hardest part of your travel in Thailand might be deciding which beach you want to relax on. There are a ton of lists out there you can browse to find your favourite, but no matter which one you choose, you’ll never be disappointed! Every beach offers a ridiculously breathtaking view with white sand and crystal clear blue water. No matter how many pictures you take, you’ll never have to use a filter when you post them. Lounging in the sun and wading into the sea sounds like a pretty solid vacation!

Under the Water

If chilling on the beach has made you want to explore the water, there are plenty of ways to make that happen! Scuba diving is a common adventure in Thailand that will take you up close and personal with the beautiful aquatic life. Thailand is also known for having bioluminescent plankton that make the water glow at night and it’s complete safe to swim with them.

If scuba diving isn’t your thing but you still want to explore the open sea, then take a cruise! One of the popular choices is an island hopping tour in Krabi. With Krabi Sunset Cruises, you can cruise around the Adanman Sea while stopping to check out a number of islands. There’s plenty of room on the deck to soak up the sun while others jump in the water.

Ancient Ruins & Temples

There are so many incredible places rich in history to check out all over Thailand! If you think that’s an over statement, then check this out! You can see everything from historical sites and ancient ruins to popular tourist sites, all in one country. Whether you’re a history buff or not, you’ll appreciate these amazing structures.

Thailand Wildlife

If you’re an animal lover, then you likely already know about Khao Yai National Park in Thailand. It’s one of the best places in Thailand to see Asian elephants roaming free in the wild. There are also around 300 resident and migratory birds that add bright splashes of colour to the sky. Besides the abundant amount of wild life thriving in the park there are also plenty of hiking trails and waterfalls to check out.

If you’re thinking about taking a trip within South East Asia, then travel in Thailand. It offers a wide variety of activities and sights for everyone to enjoy. From lounging on the beach and cruising on the open waters, to exploring ancient ruins and temples. Once you start browsing through the pictures it’s easy to see why this is one of the top stops in South East Asia.

Expect Some Excitement if you Plan to Travel to Krabi, Thailand

There are few places in the world that have as many things to offer visitors as Krabi, Thailand. Of course, you’ll find some of the best beaches in the world on the coral-fringed islands around Krabi – some of them uninhabited. And then there is the sunny, warm weather to enjoy those beaches most of the year. But the Krabi landscape is also built for thrill seekers who like to rock climb, kayak and snorkel. Not to mention that much of the province has been developed into several national parks, offering inland scenic attractions like waterfalls, caves and hot springs. When you travel in Krabi, Thailand, you’ll also be met by warm and friendly people, who are proud to share the details of their history and rich culture with you.

Krabi History is Fascinating

If you’re fascinated by history or geology, this southern area of Thailand contains what is likely the country’s oldest settled area, and it’s believed humans have lived in this area since pre-historic times! In the many cliffs and caves around the region, explorers have found ancient colour paintings, stone tools, pottery and skeletal remains believed to be thousands of years old. At one point a long, long time ago, much of Krabi was under the surrounding sea. That’s led to the discovery of the world’s earliest anthropoid fossils – dated at 35 million years – which are now part of the “Shell Cemetery” site between Krabi Town and Ai Nang district.

Discover some Amazing Food and Culture

Despite being a fairly major tourist destination now, Krabi Town has managed to maintain it’s ‘local’ feel and has not changed drastically. You’ll see fishing boats on the river running though the town, with fishermen bringing in their days catches for the restaurants. It’s that authentic taste of Thailand that makes travel in Krabi, Thailand so attractive.

As well, a night market on weekend evenings will expose you to local artisans and many types of food, including the very popular coconut ice-cream. If you’re a real foodie, there are Thai cookery schools to investigate, where locals with years of cooking experience teach you how to make the delicious Thai dishes.

Climb to New Heights

The oldest limestone land bridge in the world was formed in southern Thailand during the Ice Age. As a result, rock climbers from all over the world travel to Krabi, Thailand to tackle the challenging limestone rocks that are plentiful in this part of the world.

The rock faces at one of the islands around Krabi, Railay Beach, are the scene each April for a popular rock climbing festival. And if you think you’d like to try learning how to rock climb, there several rock climbing schools to choose from, including many that cater to beginner climbers.

It’s clear that you’ll find an adventure for everyone when you travel to Krabi Thailand. You can be sporty and adventurous, discover new food and also find time to lay on the beach and relax in one of the most beautiful scenic parts of the world. The Krabi history, and its people, are fascinating!  It’s worth noting that the best time to visit is between November and April as the weather in the South of Thailand can be unpredictable but with many places now opening all year you will always find something to do. Let Krabi Sunset Cruises help you plan that next adventure today.

Put Booze Cruise on Your Summer Bucket List.

Getting into vacay mode is the best feeling. Everything is planned out and booked, you aren’t looking at your work emails and you have a tropical cocktail in your hand as you soak up the sun. Absolute paradise. It’s really hard to top that feeling, but Krabi Sunset Cruises just might have found a way with their booze cruise. You get everything that was listed off PLUS it all happens on a Chinese Junk Boat in the Andaman Sea. Sound like a vacation you need? Yea, thought so. This adventure needs to land on your warm-weather bucket list if you’re going to Thailand!


Booze Cruise in Krabi

First off, just looking at pictures of Krabi, Thailand will put you into vacay mode. You’ve probably dreamed about the white sand beaches and legendary sunsets, so it an easy choice for your vacation destination. Since it’s a fairly popular tourist destination, check out some activities that are less jam packed, this is where the booze cruise is the perfect activity.

This side adventure during your trip in Krabi, Thailand will easily become one of the highlights. So what’s the deal? Well, you can choose to take a morning or sunset cruise. If you pick the morning cruise you get an incredible buffet breakfast on the water and enjoy a morning of island hopping. If you want the sunset cruise you’ll spend the afternoon island hopping, watch a gorgeous sunset on the water and once it gets dark, you’ll get a chance to see bioluminescent plankton, which is one of the top must-see-things in Krabi.

Different Activities

The best part – you don’t have to share a boat with strangers. You can rent it out for just you and your travel buddies. Or if you want to meet new people, then this is adventure is a solid place to do it! One thing that sets this cruise apart is that you’re not stuck on the boat the entire time. You’ll have the chance to get off at every island and explore the water. Whether you want to grab a paddle board, sea kayak or just snorkel there are tons of ways enjoy each stop. If you’re a thrill seeker, you can jump from the top deck of the ship into the sea! Everyone who does a successful back flip gets a free cocktail to celebrate.

If you have zero interest in going into the water then this is still a cruise you’ll love! Leaving the boat and exploring the waters is completely your choice. There is plenty of room on the deck for you to soak up the as you sip away on your favourite drink.

If you’re looking for something to do while on vacation in Thailand a booze cruise with Krabi Sunset Cruises should be at the top of your list. There are options to go in the morning and afternoon/evening with plenty of chances to explore the water along the way. Alternatively, you can find a perfect spot on the deck to lounge while working on your legendary Thailand tan. This booze cruise is a great side adventure for everyone. Cheers to your vacation!