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Private Morning Cruise – Go for It!

Giving people the chance to cruise around the Andaman Sea in a wooden Siamese junk and take in sights they have never seen before is something we never get tired of doing. The look of excitement and amazement never fades, and it’s something we want to try and help everyone experience. But being cautious about taking our word for how great this cruise is, is pretty understandable, which is why we openly share reviews as well. This recent customer wanted to share their experience of the private morning cruise to let you know what’s in store.


My husband and I both wanted a simple wedding with close friends and family. Neither of us saw the need to have a glamorous wedding, and this actually meant we had saved a reasonable amount of money by doing so. While some would keep those savings tucked away for future investments or expenses, we wanted to celebrate with our wedding party!

Where to go?

I scrolled through countless travel blogs, Instagram pages and everything else I could find about where we should go. When I started looking into Thailand I noticed that there were a bunch of vastly different things our party could enjoy, but a private morning cruise is where I stopped scrolling.

I got in touch with Krabi Sunset Cruises to get more info about the activities and pricing. When you factor in everything that’s included, renting a private morning cruise for your wedding party is more affordable than expected!

Bright & Early Morning Cruise

I’m not a huge morning person, so getting up before 10 while on vacation wasn’t something I was looking forward to… but it was totally worth it! Our group was on the water before anyone else, it was so peaceful. It’s probably the one and only time I will be drinking coffee and eating breakfast while floating on the Andaman Sea! Taking the morning cruise also meant we still had time to go out later that afternoon.

Dive in

The real fun began when we arrived at our first stop. Everyone jumped into the water with snorkeling gear, paddle boards, and even a kayak and went exploring. The crew got some of the coolest pictures of my husband diving off of the top deck of the boat. My mom is a little less adventurous than the rest of the group, but she was happy soaking up the sun and occasionally putting her feet in the water.

Book it

This was hands down one of the best trips I’ve ever taken! There were a bunch of different options so everyone in our group could do something they wanted.  The entire experience felt like a dream. I would highly recommend this private morning cruise to anyone who is travelling with a group! You get privacy and adventure bundled up in the perfect package with an amazing crew to take care of you.

Hopefully this has given you a better idea about what to expect and whether or not it’s for you. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, get in touch with us. We’d love to chat about all of your different options to make sure you have an unreal time!

Private Morning Cruise – Travel Thailand VIP Style

If you’ve done any research at all about vacationing in Thailand, you’ve likely come across more than a few cruise experiences. A cruise gives you the chance to see the area from a completely different angle and in some cases, explore nearby islands. While most cruises have you sharing the experience with others, there are some companies that offer a more exclusive experience. Because let’s face it, sometimes you don’t want to partake in small talk with strangers. A private morning cruise offers the best of both words – you get to see another beautiful side of Thailand while sharing the experience with only your closest friends.

When you read “exclusive” your mind probably jumps straight to expensive, but that’s not necesarily the case. There are very affordable private sunset cruises, so don’t disregard it just yet.

Private Morning Cruise Flexibility

Since a morning cruise is usually based around you getting to see the sunrise, or at least the early morning light, you have to be up early. On a normal day that’s doable, but when you’re in vacay mode a 7am departure is earlier than you want. With this cruise, you can hit the water at whatever time you want! This flexibility makes it easier for groups travelling together because not everything goes according to plan. The private cruise departs from the same area (Ao Nang and Railay) as the public one and has the same return time of 1pm. So remember, the more time you stay in bed, the less time you get to enjoy the open ocean and amazing views.

Intimate Experience

It’s so cool to meet new people and make lasting connections while travelling, but sometimes you just want to kick back with your close friends and family. Booking a private morning cruise gives you just that. Whether your group is celebrating a wedding, birthday or just wants to go on this adventure together, there’s no better intimate experience than hosting a private party at sea!

While many who are looking into this are travelling in a group, you can also book this if you’re only traveling in a small party. This could be a once in a lifetime chance to have a very special morning on the Andaman Sea with your closest buds.

Limited Time

It seems like an opportunity that’s too good to be true, so it’s understandable that this may only available for a limited time. If you’re planning a trip to Thailand any time soon, make sure to book this experience! It’s a simple way to elevate your experience and make memories for a lifetime. You’ll be able to make your own schedule, see islands VIP style and explore the water at every stop.

A private morning cruise is the VIP experience you need to look into if you’re travelling to Thailand in the near future. Cruise the sea in luxury, snorkel, paddle board, kayak and swim and share an amazing adventure with only your closest family and friends. It’s your vacation so you deserve to spend it how you want. If you’re interested in this experience, get in touch with Krabi Sunset Cruises.

Rise & Cruise – Morning Cruise in Krabi

Good mornings start with not waking up to an alarm and breakfast in bed. Legendary mornings start with a morning cruise in Krabi, Thailand. How could your day get off to a better start that this?! You have Krabi as the gorgeous background, you don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn and you don’t have to give up your morning coffee. If you’re planning a trip to Krabi, Thailand any time soon, then a morning cruise needs to land on your itinerary right now.

Your Morning Cruise.

boat floating on the Andaman Sea

Thankfully, the morning cruise starts at a reasonable time so you’ll not be dreading an early wake up call. You’ll be able to enjoy the stunning sunrise from land as you get ready for your day. Then get to the meeting spots at either Ao Nang for 7:15 am or Railay for 7:30 am, then once everyone is on board you’ll hit the Andaman Sea for an adventure packed morning!

How many people can say they’ve sipped coffee and enjoyed a gourmet breakfast on a Chinese Junk in Thailand? Obviously, you want to have this once in a life time experience. But just because this is a morning trip doesn’t mean it’s rushed as you try to pack as much stuff in as possible. You have the entire morning into the early afternoon on the cruise! You’ll tour around islands and get the chance to explore the water at each stop.

Like all great things, at 1:00 pm the morning cruise comes to an end at Railay West Beach. How to you keep up the same hype for the rest of the day when you started off with an amazing morning like this?! Well, landing in Railay makes this very easy to do.

Explore Railay.

You get to spend the rest of your day on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  So it’s safe to say that you’ll snap some breathtaking photos with white sandy beaches and towering limestone cliffs.

Railay is has the unique feature of only being accessible by boat. The limestone cliffs block any chance of a road making its way through. The place gives off the vibe that you truly have escaped from the rest of the world. Staying on the beach and soaking up the sun is one of the chilliest activities you can do for the rest of your day. Waiting around for the sunset will be the cherry on top. But if you feel like exploring, there are a lot of different adventures to keep you out of trouble.

The limestone cliffs are not only a beautiful formation, but also the perfect place to get a bird’s eye view of the beach. You’ll be blown away by the scenery when you hike to the top of Railay Beach View Point. Since you’re already in hiking mode, you might as well check the Railay Lagoon off your sight-seeing list too. It’s ranked one of the top places to check out and is so worth the walk!

Krabi, Thailand has a ton of amazing adventures you need to take advantage of. Starting off your day with a morning cruise sets the perfect pace for the rest of the day. You can relax and enjoy a gourmet breakfast and then island hop for the rest of the cruise. Railay is a great place to land because there are so many different activities you can enjoy. Book your adventure today with Krabi Sunset Cruises.

Morning Cruises: Why You Should Consider Doing It

When it comes to taking a cruise, there’s a time of day that is often overlooked – morning cruises. A morning cruise provides one of the most beautiful and serene times to be on the water, however, often people don’t consider this time of day, either because they don’t think that this time slot is an option, or for some reason, they don’t believe that the cruise will be as enjoyable. However, that simply isn’t the case! By enjoying an early morning cruise, customers are able to take advantage of an oftentimes less crowded boat, better cruise prices, one of the calmest times to be on the water, and equally gorgeous views. But why are people not taking advantage of this wonderful option?

Morning Cruises are More Cost Efficient

Because of the way that we traditionally think about cruises, for most people, commemorating a special event with a morning boat cruise might seem a little out of the ordinary. But the fact that a sunrise cruise is not the go-to option, can make it an even more unique experience. By opting for a morning cruise, which is less popular, but equally as incredible, guests can have the same remarkable experience, without having to worry about the higher price tag. That saving means a larger budget for other fun activities or more vacation indulgences!

The Cost of a Sunset Cruise

Traditional, short-length cruises generally take place at sunset, which is when people like to be on the water to wind down the day and soak up the sunset. Sundown is a popular time for social gatherings like birthday and anniversary parties, graduations and other large gatherings of people looking for good times and to create lasting memories. However, along with the high demand for sunset cruises comes an often equally high price. This means that vacationers who are budget-conscious end up spending more to be on the water during this time.

Stunning Views

Sunsets are among one of the most beautiful natural occurrences that just about everyone loves to soak up. They’re often the backdrop for some of life’s most romantic and memorable moments. In the same breath, these moments would be just as beautiful at the beginning of the day, with an incredible sunrise.

Morning Cruises - Sea Birds in KrabiThey say that ‘the early bird gets the worm’ and this is never truer than for those who wake early to see the world come alive with a stunning sunrise.

Morning cruises in Krabi also present a fantastic opportunity to see Thailand’s vast array of marine life, including seabirds, which are at their most active at sunrise.

Can’t you just picture starting your day off lounging on the teak deck of our boat, enjoying a delicious gourmet breakfast, as the sun illuminates the Andaman ocean?

Morning Cruises Provide More Flexibility

Another of the benefits of morning cruises is that customers get to enjoy a less busy setting and more flexibility. Because of the lower demand for these cruises, morning cruises provide customers with the opportunity to host larger gatherings, parties, and events. Depending on the circumstances, these cruises also provide more flexibility, timewise.

Sunrise cruises are among one of the best-kept secrets in the boat cruise industry. They offer an affordable option for customers who are looking to take advantage of the most stunning backdrops that Mother Nature has to offer.

What are you waiting for? Set your alarm and sign up for a sunrise morning cruise today!