10 Things to Do at Krabi Night Market

Explore Krabi night market like a local with our insider's guide to the top 10 things to do. Make the most of your visit.

Touring around Thailand will be more remarkable if you have a complete guide to exploring its must-visit spots. Whether you’re a foodie, shopaholic, or culture enthusiast, the Krabi Night Market has something for everyone.

In this travel blog, we’ll introduce you to the ten must-try activities at Krabi Market that will make your visit unforgettable. From sampling local delicacies like pad Thai and grilled seafood to shopping for unique handicrafts like hand-carved wooden items and silk scarves, the night markets offer a wide range of experiences.

Enjoy live music and street performances, sample the snacks, play games, win prizes, and try a Thai whisky.

Join us as we explore the exciting and diverse offerings of Krabi town.

Krabi Night Market: A Must-visit Destination In Thailand

Krabi Night Market is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Thailand because it offers budget accommodation and a unique and authentic experience of Thai culture. The markets are hubs of activities where visitors can indulge in sumptuous Thai cuisine and street food, shop for aesthetically appealing handicrafts, enjoy live music and street performances, and even try cooking or whiskey tasting firsthand.

The vibrant atmosphere and friendly locals make it a welcoming and extraordinary experience. The Krabi Night Market is an excellent way to immerse yourself in Thai culture and create significant memories during your southern Thailand trip.

As many travellers say, your Krabi Thailand visit would be incomplete if you missed exploring the best things and experiences that only this country can offer.

10 Top Things to do at Krabi Night Market

It can be overwhelming to navigate which activities to tick off when you arrive in Krabi, Thailand (there’s so mucht ot do here!) For this reason, it’s best to uncover the must-experience favourites of the locals.

Here are the ten must-try experiences at Krabi Night Market that are sure to leave a lasting impression:

Sample local delicacies

Krabi Night Market is a paradise for food lovers, with diverse Thai dishes to sample and savor. From spicy curries to savoury noodle dishes, the night market offers an authentic taste of Thai cuisine sold in numerous food stalls.

Some must-taste dishes are irresistible stir-fried noodle dish called pad Thai – garnished with peanuts, vegetables, and your choice of protein. We also love tom yum soup (a sour and slightly peppery soup with shrimp, mushrooms, and lemongrass) and khao man gai, a steamed chicken and rice dish served with chili sauce and cucumber.

Seafood is also abundant at the Krabi Weekend Night Market, with grilled squid, prawns, and fish all available. Food vendors also sell multiple exotic options like insects and bugs for more adventurous people.

One of the best ways to explore the variety of Thai dishes available at the weekend night market is to take a food tour and discover prominent restaurants, where a local guide will walk you through the bustling market and introduce you to the most popular dishes.

local cuisine at krabi night market
Local cuisine at Krabi Night Market

Shop for unique handicrafts

Krabi Night Market is a treasure trove for shoppers, with many unique handicrafts available. From hand-carved wooden items to silk scarves and handmade jewelry, the night market offers innumerable artisanal products for great souvenirs or gifts. Some popular items include wooden elephants, decorative masks, and intricately woven baskets.

One of the benefits of buying handicrafts at the street night market is the opportunity to interact with the local artisans and watch them create their crafts in person. Many vendors are local artists who take great pride in their work and are happy to share their techniques and stories with visitors.

If you’re looking for something exceptional, consider commissioning a custom piece from one of the artisans in this town. Whether it’s a personalised wood carving or a bespoke piece of jewelry, the craftspeople at Krabi Night Markets are skilled at creating one-of-a-kind pieces to suit your taste and style.

hand woven straw handbags at krabi night market
Woven straw bags for sale at Krabi Night Market

Enjoy live music and street performances.

The Krabi Market is a destination for food, shopping, and awesome things and a hub for live music and street performances. The market is home to talented musicians, dancers, and performers who entertain visitors with skills and artistry.

From traditional Thai music to contemporary pop covers, the live music at the Krabi market offers a diverse range of genres and styles. Many musicians are local artists who showcase their talent on the market’s outdoor stages, creating a lively, festive, and great atmosphere.

In addition to music, visitors will often come across local children’s groups (and on the odd occasion, schools) performing on stage. These performances add excitement and entertainment to the Krabi walking street market and will captivate audiences of all ages.

Enjoying live music and street performances at Krabi Night Markets or a large plaza is a must-do activity for people visiting Krabi and looking to experience southern Thailand’s vibrant culture and entertainment. 

live singers and entertainment at krabi night market
Live singers on Krabi Night Market’s stage

Get a massage or reflexology treatment.

Every now and then, Krabi Night Market allows visitors to relax and unwind with a simple massage treatment. On numerous occasions, we’ve seen Thai massage team set up chairs to allow market guests a short rest and traditional foot massage, which incorporate stretching, acupressure, and (if you’re very fortunate) aromatherapy to soothe tired muscles.

Prices are reasonable and vary depending on the type of treatment and duration, wit most vendors setting out a price and time list. These seats are a fun place to take a load off and settle down for some top-quality people-watching.

Around the edges of the night market, you’ll also find a number of permanent massage centres, offering various treatments and skilled practitioners.

Pamper yourself with soothing massages and reflexology  treatment at Krabi night market.
Pamper yourself with soothing massage in or around Krabi Night Market

Play games and win prizes.

Playing games and winning prizes are popular activities in Krabi town, you’ll often find the locals with their children taking part in the activities. Visitors can test their skills and luck at various fairground-style games, from ring toss and balloon darts to shooting galleries and hoop shoots. The games are affordable and offer a chance to win various prizes, from stuffed animals and toys to electrical items and souvenirs.

The vendors at the night market are friendly and welcoming and often offer tips and advice on improving your chances of winning. Some games also offer multiple difficulty levels so visitors can challenge themselves and progress to higher prizes.

Playing games and winning prizes at the Krabi Weekend Night Market is a fun and engaging way to spend time with friends and family, adding excitement and entertainment to your evening.

Children especially enjoy the games and prizes, and the market is a popular destination for families with young children.

Shop for clothes

No matter your style, there’s a stand to suit all tastes here! There are lots of vendors here that make the trips up to Bangkok to source stylish new pieces and extras that you might have forgotten to slip into your suitcase – the women’s dresses, shorts and tops are particularly fun.

However, there are also stands delivering a quirkier edge; we particularly love shuffling through the t-shirt racks in search of funny logo and catchphrase tees. On our most recent visit, we came across a seller specialising in printing custom t-shirts (in all shapes and sizes) right there on the spot. Take along your favourite photos and take home a personalised keepsake.  

clothing stalls at krabi night market
Custom t-shirt stands

Try a Thai whisky or fun cocktail

Besides being famous for its food, shopping, and entertainment, the night market offers visitors a chance to sample Thai whisky or creative concoctions made by tge locals. The night market is home to various vendors selling different types of Thai whisky – the most famous one being Sangsom. Fun fact: Sangsom is actually a rum, not a whisky (though you’ll hear lots of people refering to it as whisky. It’s made in Thailand and distilled from sugarcane.

Thai whiskyy is known for its smooth and rich taste, making it a popular beverage among locals and tourists. We recommend trying it (like the Thais do) with soda water.

For those who prefer their drinks a little sweeter, you’ll also find stalls and surrounding bars offering colourful cocktails with fruiter flavours. Mojitos and Mai Tais tend to come as standard, but some vendors will play about with ingredients to provide a more unique drinks experience for you.

a cocktails and drinks  stand at krabi night market
A local vendor selling cocktails

Spend 10 baht

A budget travellers dream, you’ll come across multiple 10-baht food stands within Krabi Night Market. While most of the individual pieces won’t satisfy grumbling tummies, they are perfect for snacking and getting a feel for new flavours.

Two of our favourite stands are the 10-baht-per-piece sushi stand (grab a basket and fill your boots!), alongside the 10-baht waffle stand. Waffle flavours include coconut, cream, raisin, and cashew nut. We highly recommend the raisin ones!

rows of 10 baht sushi at krabi night market
10 baht sushi at Krabi Night Market

Have your pitcure drawn by a local caricature artist

Remember your visit to Krabi Night Market by having your picture drawn by a talented local caricature artist. The sit-down offers a unique twist on traditional souvenir shopping and promises plenty of laughter and amusement.

As you sit for the artist, they’ll effortlessly translate your features into a playful and exaggerated representation, all in a fun and light-hearted manner. The joyous atmosphere of the bustling night market only adds to the charm of the moment, with onlookers eagerly watching on as the caricature takes shape.

Krabi night market caricature artist
An artist’s work starts to take shape on the market roadside

Indulge in Thai desserts.

Another top Krabi town night market activity is tasting delicious Thai desserts you can often see in many local food stalls. The night market is known for its wide variety of sweet treats, ranging from traditional Thai desserts to modern twists on classic favorites.

Visitors can try the legendary Thai dessert, sticky mango rice, which features fresh mango slices served with sweet sticky rice and coconut milk. We also love the coconut ice cream served in a coconut shell, Thai-style pancakes filled with sweet condensed milk or chocolate, and crispy fried bananas drizzled with honey.

Many dessert vendors offer samples of their sweet creations and fresh produce, allowing visitors to try various flavors before deciding on their favorite. Indulging in mouthwatering desserts paired with numerous fruit smoothies and drinks to try makes it a fun and interactive experience for those with a sweet tooth.

Mango desserts in Thailand are a must-try!
Mango desserts in Thailand are a must-try!

Final Thoughts

The Krabi Night Market is the perfect destination for visitors seeking diverse activities. Indulging in delicious Thai cuisine, shopping for unique handicrafts, and enjoying live music and street performances are exciting things worth experiencing.

The night markets in and around Krabi Town are must-visit destinations for anyone looking to experience the local culture and have a fun-filled evening in Thailand.

Now that your evening plans are sorted, have you thought about what you’d like to do in Krabi during the day?
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