Add a Krabi Sailing Tour to Your Vacay Plans

Thailand has always been a popular destination for travellers, but what should you do to get the most out of the experience? A Krabi sailing tour is one of the easiest and most fun adventures to have while in Thailand.

Where are Krabi sailing tours?

Most of the Krabi sailing tours start on Railay Beach or Ao Nagn, which makes it a very convenient side adventure since you’ll likely already be in the area! Railay Beach is one of the hottest destinations in Thailand because it offers a variety of activities for every traveller. Whether you’re hoping to spend your time working on your tan or want to scale a limestone cliff, Railay has it all. The fact that it’s only accessible by boat makes it feel like even more of a tropical paradise! Note: Railay is actually a peninsula surrounde by limestone rock formations that make it too difficult to reach by land. 

Krabi sailing tour details

Many sailing tours offer some customization so you and whoever you’re travelling with can enjoy every part of the adventure. With Krabi Sunset Cruises you’re able to pick whether you want to go for a morning cruise, sunset cruise, or even a PRIVATE cruise (because sometimes you want to go VIP while on vacation!).

No matter what time of day you hit the water, you’ll be able to snack, drink, and take in some of the most beautiful sites that Thailand has to offer. If you’re leaning on the most adventurous side, you don’t have to stay on the boat. Jump ship and explore the waters at every stop! You’ll be able to see the islands and marine life up close and personal. There’s snorkelling equipment, paddle boards, kayaks, and a ton of different ways to have fun in the water.

For those who want to explore the water but don’t think they’re a strong enough swimmer, just ask for help! They want to make sure everyone is able to have fun on this trip.

Tips to make your island tour unforgettable

Call ahead if you have any concerns or require certain things. This cruise can be made accessible to almost anyone as long as the team is given enough notice to prepare for your day!

Bring a waterproof camera. The crew will happily take pictures for you! At Krabi Sunset Cruises, our guide Micheal will also be on stand-by with his GoPro, and guest will recieve a photo folder link for their specific tour day after the trip.

Pack sunscreen and sunglasses. If it’s sunny and you’re on a boat for 4+ hours you’re going to get a fair bit of sun. However, fair-skinned travellers will be please to know that our boat has plenty of shaded seats on the lower deck.

a man about to jump from krabi sunset cruise pirate boat top deck while people watch and other watch the sunrise in the background

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