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Picking a destination for your vacation depends on a lot of factors that are important to you, such as: the experiences and activities, the scenery, the weather and more. Once you’ve found a place that will work for you, you’ll likely want to plan out a few things that you really want to do when you’re there. Tour packages are a great way to be able to do so – you can check out which once are highly recommended, safe and something that you will enjoy. If Southern Thailand is an area you’d like to visit then Ao Nang is a good place to start. Ao Nang tour packages give you the chance to have a ton of different preplanned adventures.

Ao Nang

This is a town within the province of Krabi, Thailand. There are plenty of pubs, restaurants, shops and excursions that are targeted towards tourists. The main beach offers an astonishing view of the Andaman Sea for sun bathers to lounge and enjoy. But what about those who seek to do a little bit more than just chill on a beach? There are Ao Nang tour packages for those who want to explore the nearby islands, climb mountains and learn how to cook authentic Thai dishes.

Ao Nang Tour Package Options

There are so many options! So first, you need to figure out what you want to do while you’re there. Fitting in all of the top adventures might be a little challenging but here are a few that you can add to your list.

Boat Cruises

One of the top rated boat cruises in the area offers multiple tour packages. You can choose to start your day off by sailing along the Krabi coastline and explore the nearby islands, or opt for a sunset tour instead. Each cruise gives you 5-6 hours at sea where you can hop into the water at any stop. Grab a kayak, paddle board or snorkel gear to swim around and for those who want to simply soak up the sun simply lounge on the junk boat.

Trekking Adventures

Unlike the multi-day hiking options that are available in other parts of Krabi, Ao Nang has shorter tours. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun! One of the top hikes is the Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail and it’s not some leisurely stroll. When you get to the top and see this insane view you’ll completely forget how tired your legs are (at least for a couple minutes)!

Cooking Classes

This is for the foodies. There are tons of cooking classes to let you learn from local chefs about preparing authentic Thai cuisine. It’s your chance to experience more than just the view Thailand has to offer.

Ao Nang tour packages are a great way to explore the best the area has to offer. Above are only a few of the endless adventures you can have in Ao Nang. There variety of options so everyone can find something they’re interested in doing. Whether you want to explore the sea, hike a mountain or learn how to make your favourite Thai dish, you’ll be anything but bored. Hopefully you’ll have enough time to do and see everything that you want because narrowing it down can be tough! Happy travels.

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