Put Booze Cruise on Your Summer Bucket List.

Getting into vacay mode is the best feeling. Everything is planned out and booked, you aren’t looking at your work emails and you have a tropical cocktail in your hand as you soak up the sun. Absolute paradise. It’s really hard to top that feeling, but Krabi Sunset Cruises just might have found a way with their booze cruise. You get everything that was listed off PLUS it all happens on a Chinese Junk Boat in the Andaman Sea. Sound like a vacation you need? Yea, thought so. This adventure needs to land on your warm-weather bucket list if you’re going to Thailand!


Booze Cruise in Krabi

First off, just looking at pictures of Krabi, Thailand will put you into vacay mode. You’ve probably dreamed about the white sand beaches and legendary sunsets, so it an easy choice for your vacation destination. Since it’s a fairly popular tourist destination, check out some activities that are less jam packed, this is where the booze cruise is the perfect activity.

This side adventure during your trip in Krabi, Thailand will easily become one of the highlights. So what’s the deal? Well, you can choose to take a morning or sunset cruise. If you pick the morning cruise you get an incredible buffet breakfast on the water and enjoy a morning of island hopping. If you want the sunset cruise you’ll spend the afternoon island hopping, watch a gorgeous sunset on the water and once it gets dark, you’ll get a chance to see bioluminescent plankton, which is one of the top must-see-things in Krabi.

Different Activities

The best part – you don’t have to share a boat with strangers. You can rent it out for just you and your travel buddies. Or if you want to meet new people, then this is adventure is a solid place to do it! One thing that sets this cruise apart is that you’re not stuck on the boat the entire time. You’ll have the chance to get off at every island and explore the water. Whether you want to grab a paddle board, sea kayak or just snorkel there are tons of ways enjoy each stop. If you’re a thrill seeker, you can jump from the top deck of the ship into the sea! Everyone who does a successful back flip gets a free cocktail to celebrate.

If you have zero interest in going into the water then this is still a cruise you’ll love! Leaving the boat and exploring the waters is completely your choice. There is plenty of room on the deck for you to soak up the as you sip away on your favourite drink.

If you’re looking for something to do while on vacation in Thailand a booze cruise with Krabi Sunset Cruises should be at the top of your list. There are options to go in the morning and afternoon/evening with plenty of chances to explore the water along the way. Alternatively, you can find a perfect spot on the deck to lounge while working on your legendary Thailand tan. This booze cruise is a great side adventure for everyone. Cheers to your vacation!

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