Expect Some Excitement if you Plan to Travel to Krabi, Thailand

There are few places in the world that have as many things to offer visitors as Krabi, Thailand. Of course, you’ll find some of the best beaches in the world on the coral-fringed islands around Krabi – some of them uninhabited. And then there is the sunny, warm weather to enjoy those beaches most of the year. But the Krabi landscape is also built for thrill seekers who like to rock climb, kayak and snorkel. Not to mention that much of the province has been developed into several national parks, offering inland scenic attractions like waterfalls, caves and hot springs. When you travel in Krabi, Thailand, you’ll also be met by warm and friendly people, who are proud to share the details of their history and rich culture with you.

Krabi History is Fascinating

If you’re fascinated by history or geology, this southern area of Thailand contains what is likely the country’s oldest settled area, and it’s believed humans have lived in this area since pre-historic times! In the many cliffs and caves around the region, explorers have found ancient colour paintings, stone tools, pottery and skeletal remains believed to be thousands of years old. At one point a long, long time ago, much of Krabi was under the surrounding sea. That’s led to the discovery of the world’s earliest anthropoid fossils – dated at 35 million years – which are now part of the “Shell Cemetery” site between Krabi Town and Ai Nang district.

Discover some Amazing Food and Culture

Despite being a fairly major tourist destination now, Krabi Town has managed to maintain it’s ‘local’ feel and has not changed drastically. You’ll see fishing boats on the river running though the town, with fishermen bringing in their days catches for the restaurants. It’s that authentic taste of Thailand that makes travel in Krabi, Thailand so attractive.

As well, a night market on weekend evenings will expose you to local artisans and many types of food, including the very popular coconut ice-cream. If you’re a real foodie, there are Thai cookery schools to investigate, where locals with years of cooking experience teach you how to make the delicious Thai dishes.

Climb to New Heights

The oldest limestone land bridge in the world was formed in southern Thailand during the Ice Age. As a result, rock climbers from all over the world travel to Krabi, Thailand to tackle the challenging limestone rocks that are plentiful in this part of the world.

The rock faces at one of the islands around Krabi, Railay Beach, are the scene each April for a popular rock climbing festival. And if you think you’d like to try learning how to rock climb, there several rock climbing schools to choose from, including many that cater to beginner climbers.

It’s clear that you’ll find an adventure for everyone when you travel to Krabi Thailand. You can be sporty and adventurous, discover new food and also find time to lay on the beach and relax in one of the most beautiful scenic parts of the world. The Krabi history, and its people, are fascinating!  It’s worth noting that the best time to visit is between November and April as the weather in the South of Thailand can be unpredictable but with many places now opening all year you will always find something to do. Let Krabi Sunset Cruises help you plan that next adventure today.

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