The Best Tours – Krabi, Thailand

Everyone has a travel bucket list. It might be crazy long and well-researched or it might simply be photos you save to a travel folder while scrolling through Instagram. Either way, you know where you want to go as soon as those next holidays come up, and when you get there… it feels surreal. That moment happened for me when I landed in Thailand. It has been near the top of my travel list since I first created that document, and I wanted to see and do as much as possible! There were a few places in Thailand that were a must visit, including: Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Samui and Krabi. My last stop before returning home was in Krabi, for what I can now say was the best tour ever.

Krabi Island Tours - Phang Nga Bay

Why Thailand?

Thailand was on my travel bucket list because it always seemed to look like a make-believe paradise. The culture, the picturesque beaches, crystal clear ocean water… I could go on forever. So, if I ever got the chance to actually go to Thailand I wanted to make every second count, obviously! I wanted to see the popular beaches, walk through the local markets and taste the delicious Thai cuisine. It’s a popular vacation spot with a ton of top destinations.

After I picked all the big, go-to tourist destinations, I started looking for smaller tours. Ones that offer to give you a chance to see the beauty of Thailand and Krabi had the best tours for this. I stumbled across these island hopping cruises as I was diving deeper into different places that I might want to check out. I knew I wanted to chill on the beach, but I didn’t think I’d be able to actually hit the open sea. Yep, I’m in.

Best Tours in Krabi

I thought the surreal moment happened for me when I landed in Thailand. It was… but it wasn’t “the moment”. The moment when you’re on a trip and feel like you just pushed pause for a second to truly soak in everything that’s happening around out. My moment happened on this island hopping cruise. I went out for a day on the water on this ship that looked like it was straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean. It was the first cruise I have ever been on that recommended you jump ship and enjoy the water! I was able to snorkel around at each island and float carefree with friends.

I went for the sunset cruise, which means I was able to float on the calm waters as the sky burned bright red, orange and pink and reflected perfectly on the water. If you’re in any way a stop-and-look-at-the-sunset person, you NEED to see this. It’s beyond beautiful and so peaceful.

If Thailand is on your travel bucket list I highly recommend checking out Krabi Sunset Cruises when you finally get there. It was one of the best tours in Krabi, by far. If Thailand isn’t on your travel bucket list… you should just go ahead and add it right now! There will be no regrets about exploring this beautiful area and everything else it has to offer.

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