The Ultimate Guide to Boat Trips in Krabi

If you're looking for the perfect boat trip, look no further! Our guide will show you everything you need to know about cruising the waters of Krabi.

Krabi, Thailand, is known for its white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It offers boat trips boasting stunning views of the limestone cliffs dotted along the shoreline and numerous activities to enjoy during your stay (take a look at our photo gallery)

Every year, around 2.3 million boat trips are taken to Krabi, making it one of Thailand’s most popular destinations. Along with the Bangkok boat tour, which features a trip to the floating market and flower market, Krabi has become a popular and highly recommended tourist destination since a James Bond film featuring Roger Moore made it the site of one of his films.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide for planning the perfect boat trip in Krabi. We’ll cover boat types, routes to take, activities you can do, and tips for getting the most out of your trip.

Making your Boat Trip a Worthwhile Experience

Choose the boat that best fits your needs.

Long-tail boats like these are the ideal vehicles for boat tours.
Long-tail boats like these are the ideal vehicles for boat tours.

It’s important to decide which boat type best suits your needs, and this will depend on the boat size and how many people are going with you. There are a few types of boat to choose from:

  • Speed boat – Speed boat tours in krabi promise a shorter journey time than other boat tours, but it’s worth noting that they’re often a bumpier ride. If you suffer from seasickness, it may be better to take one of the slower, steadier, options.
  • Junk boat – Our 2-level junk boat offers an authentic feel, with added comfort (guests can stretch out and sunbathe on both our top deck and water-proof seating downstairs. It comes with a 2-person kayak and 4 Stand Up Paddle Boards for guests to use, meaning you can do as much (or as little) as you like.
  • Longtail boat – A traditional longtail boat will often be the cheapest tour option, so it’s great for people on a budget. They are also good for getting closer to coves and smaller areas. However, it’s worth noting that longtail boats tend to be the least comfrtable option, with simple wooden slat-seat and limited space for supplies like lunch/dinner/tour equiptment. They are also a lot slower than the other options.

Your tour company should be able (and willing) to talk thorugh how the boat is properly maintained. Things like boat lights, motors, and safety equipment should all be in good working order.

Plan out the boat trip route ahead of time.

Carefully plan your route to ensure you take advantage of the area’s best spots. Choose boat stops to ensure your trip has all the packages, activities, and sightseeing opportunities.

Look for boat routes that will give you a great view. Krabi offers trips to nearby islands, along limestone cliffs, and through mangrove forests. There are tour groups that specialise in each of the features, alongside some that will aim to give you a bit of everything.

It is possible to ‘charter’ your own tour, so that you can explore Krabi without other travellers outside your group. Tour shops will help you hire a longtail, captain and/or guide who knows the area well, or you can book a Krabi Private Cruise Trip, which includes a team of staff, western-style bathroom,a and the option to add cocktails and drinks to your tour.

Prepare for safety on board.

make sure your tour provides a life jacket, first aid kit, and other essential items before you sail. if you are charetering your own boat, keep an eye out for boat traffic and shallow waters to stay safe during your trip.

(A life jacket and other safety gear are essential in water-related activities.
A life jacket and other safety gear are essential in water-related activities.

Bring the right gear. Bring sun protection, rain gear, insect repellent, snacks, water bottles, and other items to make you comfortable. Also, be sure to bring a map for navigation or a GPS device if you intend on taking a more extended trip – internet signals out on the waters of the Andaman Sea can be unreliable, be prepared to have an alternative.

Pack snacks and drinks to keep everyone energized during the boat ride

Make sure to bring non-perishable items such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and crackers. Fresh fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, and wraps are also great options. Pack cool beverages like water or lemonade in a container that won’t spill. Remember to include a few snacks for the boat ride back.

Many tour services will inclyde lunch or dinner with your tour – your tour office will be able to proivde you with more information about this at your time of booking.
It’s worth noting that you will ultimately get what you pay for. Cheaper longtail tours tend to provide a standard rice, vegetable and fish offering on the beach, while more expensive tours will be able to provide a better menu for dietary requirements. For example, Krabi Sunset Cruises include free flow water, juice and soft drinks along with fruit, snacks and a Thai buffet dinner. They provide Vegetarian/Vegan options available as standard, and (with notice), can include gluten-free meals.

Invest in good quality waterproof clothing and accessories

Suppose you spend a lot of time on the boat (for a charter for example); you will need waterproof boots, jackets, and hats. If you don’t own any gear, try renting them from boat rental companies or your local marina. That is especially important if you are taking kids who are not used to being exposed to the elements for prolonged periods.

Make sure you have all the necessary documents with you

Remember things like boat registration, fishing license, boat insurance, and boat safety certificate. That is a must-have to have a smooth trip. It’s also important to keep these documents up-to-date because authorities check them at boat ramps or during water patrols.

Of course, you should always follow the rules of the road when out on the boat. Make sure you understand where boat speed limits apply, and permanently reduce your speed when going through areas with boat traffic or no-wake zones.

You must follow safety navigation regulations, especially in this narrow passage.
You must follow safety navigation regulations, especially in this narrow passage.

Finally, familiarize yourself with the navigation aids such as buoys and markers – you should know what they mean for your boat’s safety.

Be Respectful to the Locals.

Respecting the locals, their culture, and their customs is essential. Remember that trips take place in different parts of the world, and not every tour is the same. Depending on where you are boat tripping, local laws and customs may differ significantly from your home country.

Have fun activities for everyone on board, such as swimming or fishing.

When planning a boat tour or singles cruise, it is vital to consider passengers’ age groups and interests when choosing activities. If you take appropriate safety measures, swimming can be a great way to cool off in warm weather.

Fishing is also popular, but ensure all necessary equipment is on board before leaving the dock. Depending on where your trip takes you, there may also be local activities to enjoy.

Making Memories – Take photos of your adventure and document them with stories! 

Taking photos of your boat trip and the people you are with is a great way to ensure you remember each moment. Be sure to share stories, as these will be treasured memories in years to come.

If you’re feeling adventurous, take a video of your boat ride to capture the sights and sounds of your trip. That is a great way to relive the experience whenever you want.

If you are touring Krabi or engaged in one Bangkok boat tour, document everything.
Document everything if you are touring Krabi or engaged in one Bangkok boat tour.

And remember to post pictures of your boat ride on social media – let your friends know about your beautiful time!

Be mindful of wildlife and their natural habitats while enjoying your boat trip.

Please respect the environment and avoid disturbing animals or causing any disruption to their surroundings. When planning your boat trip, research the area you are visiting and be aware of local regulations to protect the environment.

Respect any no-access areas and avoid boat speed limits to avoid disturbing other boat users or wildlife. Moreover, the law requires boat users to adhere to specific speed limits in designated areas; observe these rules to minimize noise pollution.

Clean up after yourself and be prepared to dispose of trash properly.

Trash is one of the most common problems boat trips can bring, and it’s essential to dispose of waste correctly. Make sure you take out any trash or materials that would be hazardous in the water with you when you make your trip.

Avoid polluting by using natural products such as biodegradable detergents and oil absorbers in the boat and when cleaning the boat. Also, remember to take a trash bag with you for garbage disposal during your trip. Be sure to throw away any litter or materials that may harm wildlife or contaminate your boat’s environment.

Book a Krabi boat tour you won’t forget!

Krabi Sunset Cruises run 7 days a week all year round and commence at approximately 2 pm with meeting points in both Ao Nang and Railay. the tour starts in front of Railay, and then visits Koh Poda, Chicken, Si and Ta Ming, where we go snorkelling and swimming. Our teak deck is perfect for relaxing and taking in the island views. As night falls, we head back to the waters next to Pranang Beach to swim with the bio-luminescence (optional, of course).

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