Where to watch the sunset: Aonang and Krabi’s best spots

The first time visitors drive down Ao Nang’s Moo 5 at sunset is a special one. As you slope towards the corner that sweeps onto Ao Nang Beach’s main promenade, views open out across Krabi’s islands and the skies glitter in waves of bright pinks, fiery oranges, yellows, and reds.

Whether you’re already savouring the local flavors or gearing up for your Krabi adventure, join us as we unveil the insider’s guide to the most spectacular sunsets in the region. As longtime residents of this coastal paradise, the Krabi Sunset Cruises team is here to share our intimate knowledge for the hidden gems that transform each dusk into a uniquely memorable experience.

Can you see the sunset from Ao Nang Beach?

Yes! Most definitely – in fact, if you put Ao Nang into a search query, you’ll most likely come across sunset photos pretty quickly! Ao Nang beach is particularly famous for it’s island-framed sunset scenes, it’s location on the west coast (overlooking the Andaman Sea) brings unrivalled colourful skies.

people wading through the water during sunset at aonang beach with colourful clouds of purple and orange

Where can I watch the sunset in Ao Nang?

There are lots of spots to watch the sunset in Ao Nang (and the wider Krabi area.) Here’s a few of our favourites …

Local picks for cool sunset views in Ao Nang:

The Last Fisherman Bar & Restaurant

Tucked away at the end of East Ao Nang Beach, this gem offers a perfect blend of laid-back ambiance and a front-row seat to the sunset. Here you can sip on signature cocktails as you watch the sun dip below the horizon.

Krabi Sunset Cruises

One of the most unique ways to see the sunset, not only in Krabi, but in Thailand! Hop on a sunset tour from Ao Nang or Railay beach on Krabi Sunset Cruises and enjoy the Island hopping, sailing, snorkeling, cocktail cruise from the best front seat on the Andaman Sea.

You can opt to watch the sun go down from the main or top deck of the traditional Vietnamese junk boat, or (for a more intimate experience) row out a bit further with paddle boards provided by the team. You’ll also be treated to a large Thai buffet dinner while the boat drifts alongside the cliffs of Poda Island.

aonang sunset seen from the top deck of krabi sunset cruise

Ao Nang Villa Resort

While there’s nothing particulaly unique about the location of this resort’s seats (in comparison to most of the others on the main strip), it does have a key feature for those looking to find a conculsive stop for the evening .. a nightly fireshow!

Fireshows are a dime a dozen in Thailand, especially around Krabi, Phuket, and Phi Phi. However, this one is pretty impressive. The show itself doesn’t start until around 9/9.30 (depending on the day), but is worth hanging about for.Krabi

It’s delivered by a team of performers who understand the need for a coordinated performance. Their show is well rehearsed, and incorporates a number of custom built tools to manipulate the fire, in order to give the audience something new and unexpected. We particularly love their fire rain!

Ao Nang Beach

he sands of Ao Nang beach themselves are a lovely enough place to lay down a towel and wait for krabi’s famous pink and orange skies to make an appearance. The steps down to the beach are mere meters away from local convenience stores, allowing budget travellers to grab a beer and head down to the shores – just be sure to take your rubbish away with you!

a longtail boat on the water near aonang beach during sunset

Hidden gems: Secluded spots for an intimate Krabi sunset experience

Khaothong Hill

About a 30-minute drive from the centre of Ao Nang, Khaothong Hill is a jungle cafe with modern Instagram vibes and outstanding views across the Krabi coastline. The cafe is accessed by a shuttle servicde from the bottom of the hill, which you will be charged a small fee for (however, this is often offset with a discoutn token for food or drinks in the cafe.)

As well is two large viewing platforms, there are a number of intimate seating areas to watch the sun drop from Khaothong Hill. The location provides uninterupted vistas out towards Krabi’s islands and beyond and it’s not uncommon to be treated to one of the province’s sought after purple sunsets.

sunset and food at khaothong hill cafe krabi

Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail

Venture beyond the beach to Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail for a rewarding sunset hike. Be warned! This not for the faint hearted – this is a challenging route that’ll take about 4.5 hours in total.A s the sky transforms, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of Ao Nang and its surrounding beauty.

For safety reasons, we don’t recommend this spot for anyone that can’t demonstrate an above-average fitness level. We must also insist walkers take a hands-free head torch and suitable, sturdy footwear (as the trail will inevitably be dark in the return journey.)

Ao Thalane: Kayak through the mangrove forests of Ao Thalane during the late afternoon, and you’ll be rewarded with a peaceful sunset setting amid the natural wonders of Krabi. This sunset trip involves the least amount of time on the water (compared to Ao aThalane’s other kayak trips), about 1.5 hours, and offer a peaceful opportunity to paddle through the trees, spit wildlife, and explore the surrounding limestone caves and canyons.

Klong Muang Beach

Just a 15 minute drive (or 10 kilometers) up the coast from Ao Nang, Klong Muang Beach is known for its more peaceful and secluded atmosphere, offering a serene stretch of coastline for those looking to enjoy the sunset in a peaceful setting.

Sunsets on Railay Beach

Nestled on the Andaman Coast of Thailand, Railay Beach isn’t your typical seaside destination—it’s a slice of paradise accessible only by boat due to its dramatic limestone cliffs cutting it off from the mainland. Often referred to as Railay or Rai Leh, this peninsula is renowned for its inspiring landscapes, world-class rock climbing, and of course, breathtaking sunsets. Here are some of the best stops to catch the sunset there …

Rayavadee Dining Grotto/Cave Restaurant

While it’s been there for a long time, the Rayavadee Grotta has recently picked up a lot more in popularity since the TikTok crowd landed and discovered it’s ‘wanderlust’ capabilities.

Rayavadee is one of the most renowned hotels in the South of Thailand, a luxury hotel with opulent villas, private pools and exquisite service. Their restaurant offers a number of dining options, and visitors should schedule their arrival for around 5.30pm, in time to watch the sky change colours as the sun begins it’s descent across the Andaman Sea.

Pranang Beach

Without a doubt, Pranang beach is the most beautiful of Railay’s beaches. Once lined with longtail boats selling a variety of food and drinks, this is now a designated national park zone and the boats are no longer allowed to pull up here.

Ko Rang Nok sits just off the shore of Pranang Beach, accessible at low tide for those hoping to wade across. This big rock and the positioning of Pranang Beach mean that it makes for one of the best sunset photo spots in Krabi.

sunsets on pranang beach overlooking the nearby krabi islands

Railay’s Viewpoint

While we’ve added this one to the list, we do so with caution, and caveat it with a crucial point: for this viewpoint (at this time) you MUST take the correct equipment and be in better-than-average physical health.

The climb up to Railay’s viewpoint is no easy task; a sheer cliff face that you navigate with ropes and careful climbing. During normal daylight hours, this is manageable, but if you’re planning to make the descent post-sunset, then you must be sure you’ve put extra safety measures in place. A head torch is a must (both your hands will be clinging to ropes, so your phone won’t cut it). You should also ensure you’re wearing appropriate footwear, that has the movement to secure into the small grooves and ‘shelfing’ provided by nature.

Looking for a sunset spot in Ao Nang that gives you a little something extra?

If you hop aboard our Krabi Sunset Cruise pirate ship, not only will you have a front-row ticket to one of the most famous sunsets in Thailand, but you’ll also tick off another Krabi bucket list must: swimming in the bio-luminescent plankton after dark.

Sparkling like stars in the sea, the glowing plankton are present in waters around Krabi, and can be seen especially well during darker nights with a new moon.

Learn more and book your Krabi Sunset Cruise

krabi sunset cruise boat sailing past poda island at sunset

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