Krabi’s budget-friendly Private Morning Breakfast Cruise for early birds

If you’re the type who revels in the early hues rather than sunsets, our Krabi Private Morning Breakfast Cruise promises an experience tailored just for you.

Picture stepping onto our traditional boat, greeted by our professional team as the sun paints the turquoise waters with its first rays. This exclusive voyage is more than just a boat ride; it’s an immersion into the pristine beauty of Krabi, paired with gourmet delights, flexible itineraries, and the freedom to craft your morning at sea.

Our FAQ-style guide is here to provide insights into the delights of Krabi boat tours. From budget-friendly family options to the flexibility of tailoring your full trip, join us as we answer your most common queries and set the stage for an extraordinary nautical experience in Krabi.

Morning or Sunset Cruise in Krabi? Which offers the best views?

When deciding between a morning or sunset cruise in Krabi, understanding the distinct features of each can help you make the right choice for your preferences.

An advantage of heading out in the earlier hours is the tranquillity that comes with them – ideal for those seeking a quieter, more intimate experience on the water. There tends to be less wind in the mornings, providing a peaceful setting for a gentler swim or engaging in water activities without the crowds.

In comparison, the Sunset Cruise showcases Krabi (quite literally) in a different light. This area is famous for its jaw-dropping colourful sunsets, and pink and orange skies (combined with the towering limestone cliffs) make for dreamy photograph memories.

Krabi Island Tour Aerial Pics 4 (by Christoph Wuerbel)
Photo credit: Christoph Wuerbel

Krabi morning boat tour itinerary

A trip aboard our Krabi Morning Cruise is like turning the pages of a story where you are the author. The beauty of the morning cruise is in its exclusivity. You decide the route – follow our suggestions or carve your own path. We like to pride ourselves on knowing all of the best snorkelling spots, briming with vibrant marine life (and we can point you in the right direction), or maybe you choose to glide over the water on a paddleboard, the choice is entirely yours.

The day starts with a gourmet breakfast spread – fresh fruits, assorted breads, smoked salmon, and more – all served against the backdrop of the Andaman Sea. Sip on aromatic coffee or tea as the islands unfold their tales before you.

On our teak deck, the day runs at your pace. Absorb Krabi’s beauty, feel the sea breeze, and let our knowledgeable team weave tales of the surroundings. Flexibility is the essence of this morning cruise—starting from as early as 7:15 am from Ao Nang or 7:30 am from Railay. You can choose to spend as long (or as little) as you like on the waters, the only gentle request is to return by 1 pm.

Is a private Krabi morning cruise worth it?

Trawling through the abundance of blogs about things to do in Krabi, a sunset cruise is a regular feature, so it comes as no surprise that people question whether they should trade this experience in for a morning alternative.

We’d say, it comes down to how much you care about that sunset moment. If your goal is simply to explore the surrounding 4 islands of Krabi, then a morning trip will provide a very similar experience. With sunset tours being such a hot topic, the waters and islands are inevitably busier from 2pm onwards.

An evening tour comes with one key stop point that is impossible for providers to replicate earlier in the day: a swim with the bioluminescent plankton. Magical weather you witness the glowing spectacle from the comfort of the boat, or jump right in next to them, the best experience (in our opinion) comes from a nighttime snorkel with these tiny organisms. If this experience isn’t a priority for you and your group, the morning tour and it’s day time sea life may be a better choice.

We have built our Private Morning Tour with budget travels in mind, and so it provides a VIP Krabi experience at a significantly lower price than Private Sunset Tours. And, with a 1pm finish, you’ll then have the rest of the day to explore the area (a great option for those on time restraints.)

underwater boat photos from krabi tours with snorkellers in the foreground

Krabi private morning cruise price – how much does it cost?

Our morning tours not only deliver an unparalleled experience but also offer exceptional value for your money, featuring particularly pocket-friendly options that set them apart from our Private Sunset Tours.
For example, a Private Morning Cruise for two comes at the enticing price of just 15,000 baht. And our special rate for kids (ages 4–12) is set at just 1000 baht, ensuring that your family can revel in the magic of private Krabi tour at sea without breaking the bank.

For a detailed breakdown of our pricing, dive into the specifics on our Private Morning Cruise page. There, you’ll find a comprehensive overview.

kids jumping off a boat tour in krabi

Snorkelling spots and water activities: What’s on offer?

Each of Krabi’s island offers new possibilities for explorers and water enthusiasts. From Tup Island’s disappearing sandbar to the comical-shaped cliffs at the iconic Chicken Island, we recommend you read out blog, Things to see on a Krabi Island Tour. This provides a comprehensive breakdown of all the stops our boat can make for you, as well as glimpse of the underwater captures our guides can provide you with post-tour.

The Morning Cruise also comes with all the exciting water sports that our Sunset Cruise offers: snorkelling equipment (including prescription and children’s masks!), 1 kayak and 4 Stand Up Paddle Boards, and a full cocktail bar. Our guides love to snorkel, and have created photographic picture books to help you identify your aquatic sightings.

paddleboarding in krabi

Can I choose the duration with a morning cruise?

Yes! You can set sail with our Captain and crew from as early as 7.15am, all we ask is that the boat comes back to the pier for 1pm. Head out for an hour, or the full morning – you make the rules! You can also choose how long we stop at each destination.

Need more information and inspiration? We recommend you take a look art our trip Photo Gallery. Our guides are on standby during each trip to capture your moments, both aboard and in the water, so you don’t need to worry about getting your own equipment wet!.

We have special underwater cameras, meaning that we’ll be there to make sure you get that special once-in-a-lifetime selfie with Nemo!

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