Thailand Boat Cruise – More than Mainland

One of the top destinations on everyone’s travel bucket list is Thailand. The country has such a wide array of adventures and experiences all within a small area, so you can do and see quite a bit, even on a shorter timeline. Mainland Thailand has delicious food, unbelievable views and more for you to explore. But it doesn’t stop there. Thailand has a ridiculous number of islands that you can visit.  Not a lot of people think about getting on a boat to experience more than just the mainland. A Thailand boat cruise offers you some of the most breath taking views that you will never find elsewhere.

Mainland Thailand

When thinking about where you want to go in Thailand, you need to look at the two main regions – Northern and Southern Thailand. Even though Thailand is a smaller country (at least when compared to the United States, Australia or Canada) there are vast differences between the northern and southern regions.

Northern Thailand

Full of beautiful temples and ancient ruins, this place is for the  lovers of history and culture. There are plenty of hiking opportunities as well as animal conservations to get up close to some magnificent animals in their natural habitat. It’s not as fast-paced and busy as some tourist hot spots in Southern Thailand.

Southern Thailand

Known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters, Southern Thailand is the go-to destination for the ultimate sun worshiper. You can lounge on the beach all day or check out some of the local markets. However, because this is a popular tourist spot, it can get crowded during the peak season.

Both of these areas in Thailand are amazing, but if you’re looking for something a little different, then a visit to some of Thailand’s islands is for you!

Out at Sea

Thailand has a ridiculous number of islands! Taking a Thailand boat cruise gives you the chance to see what everyone else is missing out on! Since there are more than 1400 islands, you’ll have plenty of options. However, one thing’s for sure – they’re ALL stunning. Check some of them out here.

It’s surprising how many people don’t think to leave the mainland and explore the open waters. There are a ton of Thailand boat cruises offered and all give you the opportunity to see marine life you wouldn’t see anywhere else, get away from crowded tourist spots and take in the beauty of Thailand from a whole new angle.

Many Thailand boat cruises also have snorkelling gear on board so you can see what’s going on underwater as well. You can float around, hop in a kayak or grab a paddle board and explore the area on your own.

No matter where you chose to go in Thailand, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible trip. The mainland has so much to offer with completely different attractions in each area to suit everyone. But, if you’re looking for an entirely different experience, check out one of the many Thailand boat cruises like Krabi Sunset Cruises. You’ll be able to see some of the jaw-dropping islands surrounding this paradise while having the adventure of a lifetime!

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