Things to do in Krabi with kids, a family guide to Thailand

Coming to Krabi with kids? Planning a vacation with the family is exciting (especially if you’re heading somewhere new), but it can also be challenging. Fortunately, Krabi and its surrounding areas offers a myriad of family-friendly experiences that will entertain and delight both parents and children.

From sprawling sandy beaches to thrilling boat trips, tasty dining options, and comfortable accommodations, Krabi has it all. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into why Krabi is an ideal destination for families, suggest kid-friendly restaurants, highlight affordable accommodations, and provide recommendations for activities to enjoy with your little ones.

Why is Krabi so popular?

Krabi’s popularity stems from a number of factors, predominantly its breathtaking natural landscapes, diverse attractions, and laid-back atmosphere. While a lot of Thailand’s resorts have become very built up and very touristy, Krabi still carries a lot of Thailand’s old-school charm.

Families are drawn to Krabi for its green scenery, boat trips, and wealth of things to keep everyone busy (if you haven’t already tried them, THIS is the place to try your hand at kayaking and rock climbing!) The province’s relaxed vibe and warm hospitality also make it a welcoming destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with nature.

The area boasts a number of very famous film locations: Maya Bay (known for its starring role as the dream beach in the Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster, The Beach), and Khao Phing Kan (aka James Bond Island), featured in the James Bond classic, The Man with the Golden Gun. Both locations are often visited as day trips, with Krabi as a docking point.

Is Krabi good for families?

Often overlooked in favour of some of the better-know resorts, Krabi’s natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere make it an excellent choice for families. With its free beaches (yes! A lot of national parks now come with entry fees), calm waters, and abundance of outdoor activities, it offers the perfect environment for children to explore and play safely.

Whether you’re paddling in the waters of Noppharat Thara, snorkelling around the islands near Railay Beach, or exploring the lush jungle landscapes, Krabi provides endless opportunities for family bonding and adventure.

Kid-friendly restaurants in Krabi

Having kids ourselves, we know that mealtimes can often be a military-like procedure (thank goodness for tablets!). Thankfully, when it comes to dining with kids in Krabi, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Here are a few of our personal favourites:

  • Into the Forest – While this is located in a remote area of Krabi (Khao Thong, to be precise), it’s defiantly worth at least one journey out there. Into the Forest combines a modern mix of slick coffee-shop interiors and bamboo/teak finishes, tucked into the nook of towering limestone mountains. Surrounded by miles of lush, green jungle, the spacious café has an air-conditioned interior, alongside hammocks and outdoor decking. Their menu boasts a chic range of creative coffee, iced tea, matcha and milkshakes flavours, and their cabinets are stuffed with large slabs of colourful cakes and savouries.
into the forest krabi
  • Krabi Home Run, Ao Nang – Just a short car/tuk-tuk ride from the main streets of Ao Nang, is a new offering run by a Thai family who have converted old British caravans into unique dining space. As well as their main café space (popular with remote workers), you can opt to enjoy afternoon tea in one of their individually styled caravans.
  • I Scream You Scream, Landmark Night Market, Ao Nang – This fun and colourful frozen yogurt stand offers 6 different soft serve flavours. The main sell, however, is that kids can decorate their cups or cones with mountains of gummy sweets, sprinkles and edible decorations.
  • KoDam Kitchen – Recommended by our Lead Guide and Owner Michael, this traditional Thai restaurant is hidden away in the back streets of downtown Ao Nang. Sit down at one of their family-friendly tables and tuck into authentic Thai cuisine like Pad Thai, Massaman Gai with Thai Roti, or Kloud Buad Chee. Their team are eager for kids to experience Thai food at reasonable prices, and can adapt flavours for younger palettes.
  • Joy Bar, Ao Nam Mao – Incredibly popular with locals and expats, Ao Nam Mao is often missed by travellers, but offers a quiet, reggae vibe. If you’re looking for luxury, this isn’t the place for you. But, if you want beach-side cooking with shallow waters for the kids to paddle and climb trees, it’s a win!
joy beach bar krabi
The beach a Joy Bar offers beautiful sunset views and great paddling for kids

Kid-friendly boat trips in Krabi

A highlight of any family vacation in Krabi is exploring its dramatic coastline on a boat trip. The enormous limestone cliffs are some of the most photo-worthy in the world, and the short distance between small islands mean that there isn’t enough time to get restless between them.

Krabi Sunset Cruises offers a Private Morning Cruise specifically designed with families in mind. While many tours will group you with strangers, this trip offers the luxury of having the entire boat to yourselves. And, the morning tour comes at a fraction of the cost compared to a Private Sunset Tour, with a special rate for the kids (age 4-12yrs) priced at just 1000 baht.

After being greeted by our friendly, English-speaking team, families can settle down in spacious seating areas and tuck into a gourmet breakfast spread featuring fresh fruits, assorted breads, cooked meats, cheeses, cereals, and eggs (cooked right on the boat.) Fuel up with a good breakfast, then we whisk you across the waters to secluded snorkelling spots to search for colourful marine life and/or a spot paddleboarding and kayaking.

family boat tour in krabi

Family-friendly hotels in Krabi

Part of the beauty of travelling in Thailand is that there’s something for every budget, from luxurious resorts to cosy local guesthouses. Guesthouse stays have been a popular Thai staple for decades, and we recommend you don’t automatically discount them for newer, concrete hotels. Many come with unique boutique stylings and offer a more personalised service (we love nothing more than a local food recommendation.)

A few of our tried-and-tested family-friendly accommodations:

  • Panan Krabi Resort – A 5-minute walk from Ao Nang beach, Panan is one of Ao Nang’s newer offerings, and the entire hotel is set up to accommodate children and teens. Alongside their mini waterpark, they also have a climb wall, giant turtle feedings, kids club, and beginner Muay Thai classes. Their large international breakfast also ensure that even the fussiest of eats can find something.
  • Ananta Burin Resort – This hotel is MADE for kids! The resort features Thai and Japanese-inspired gardens, outdoor pools, as well as its own water park with 2 water slides, artificial mountains and waterfalls.
  • Holiday, Ao Nang Beach Resort – Like Panan, Holiday allows you to upgrade to swim-up pool rooms (perfect for a more private swim with little ones). They also offer suites with spacious living areas and private pools. Some of their family options come with playful nautical decor. For kids, their main attraction is the lagoon pools, playground, and waterslides.
  • Railay Beach Club, Railay – If you have the time, a trip to Railay is a must (and an overnight stay means that you can enjoy its sunset and relaxed restaurant vibes as the rest of the crowd hops on the last scheduled boats back to the mainland.) Featuring luxurious, traditional Thai design, the Baan Marcia house is strategically built low to the ground to caters for families with young children. It’s also just a mere 50m away from one of the most famous beaches in all of Thailand.
kid friendly pool in panan hotel krabi
Panan Krabi Resort’s kid-friendly pool

Things to do in Krabi with kids

While full days of rain in Krabi are rare in high season, we think it’s always sensible to have a few rainy-day activities up your sleeve. We’ve added some indoor suggestions alongside a few of our own kids’ favourites things to do, below. Our blog, 10 Must-Try Activities and Things to do on Railay Beach, is also packed full of outdoor activities for older kids and teens.

  • Landmark Night Market Ao Nang – Conveniently located across from the beach front in Ao Nang, this large evening market has game stalls, a bouncy caste, trampoline and shows.
  • Fun Garden – Nestled by the roadside on Nathai Road (a quick 10-minute journey from Ao Nang’s main street), Fun Garden is another firm favourite with expats. The café/playground has enough to keep kids engaged for hours, including a pool, zipline, archery, table tennis, and boxes of toys and games. Alongside their daycare service, they also offer a range of weekly special events for both children and adults, including cinema nights and dance classes.
  • A Cute Space, Krabi Town – Located close to Krabi Night Market, this studio offers weekly craft classes in a colourful setting. Choose your class and get stuck into their Scent & Soy Candle, Jumbo Bag, or ‘Walk-In DIY’ workshops. Great for creative kids who love working on their own designs.
a cute space krabi
beads at a cute space
  • Andaman Cultural Study Center, Krabi Town – While it might not have a particularly exciting name, this free space has a great Bead Museum that our own daughter loves. They’ve made a real effort to make everything colourful and engaging for children (there’s an enormous T-Rex welcoming you at the entrance), and the exhibit follows the origins and important of stones and precious gems through Thailand.
  • Rock climbing – A lot of families write this activity off due to their age restriction assumptions. However, the climb instructors here are particularly experienced when it comes to introducing young climbers to the activity (after all, most of them start their own kids as soon as they’re able to hold on!) Many climb companies will teach children from as young as 6+. We recommend a trip to Railay for the best experience.
kids climbing lesson krabi

Is Krabi more expensive than Phuket?

While both Krabi and Phuket offer a range of accommodation, dining, and activity options to suit every budget, Krabi tends to be more affordable than its neighbour.

Accommodation rates in Krabi are generally lower, and dining options often come with more budget-friendly price tags. It goes without saying that busier and more well-known destinations often have the luxury of inflating their prices (especially in high season).

Additionally, activities such as boat trips and island tours may be more competitively priced in Krabi, making it an attractive choice for families seeking value without compromising on quality.

The best way to get around Krabi with kids

Navigating Krabi with children has become easier with the rise in family visits. If you feel comfortable doing so, we recommend renting a car to explore the region at your own pace (many rental agencies offer child seats and booster seats for added safety). It’s not uncommon to see parents gambling with children on scooters – we don’t endorse this. In high-season (in particular) young, inexperienced drivers are out in abundance. It’s not uncommon for them to misjudge their bike, and accidents around the main streets are on the rise.

Alternatively, opt for a private driver or utilise Krabi’s extensive network of taxis and tuk-tuks for convenient travel between attractions and accommodations. We recommend local driver ‘Anthony Krabi’. With his extensive experience in hospitality, Anthony offers short and long-distance travel and trips, and has always been reliable.

So, now that you’ve got a better idea of what’s on offer for families in and around Krabi, book those flight, pack your bags, gather the family, and get excited!

We can’t wait to welcome you aboard Krabi Sunset Cruises for an unforgettable family adventure! Remember to explore our Photo Gallery for boat tour inspiration and book a Private Morning Cruise or Sunset Trip so that you have something to look forward to!

PLEASE NOTE: During high season, we recommend you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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