The best places to have breakfast in Aonang, Krabi

While many of Krabi’s visitors have a standard breakfast included in their hotel/hostel packages, it’s nice to get out, explore Aonang in the morning, and treat yourself to a spot of breakfast in a new setting. From healthy fruit bowls to heart fry-ups, there’s a foodie location for everyone here (and we recommend you try a local Thai breakfast at least once during your trip).

In this article, we bring you the ultimate Aonang Breakfast Guide (alongside some answers to your foodie FAQs) from the people who live here, guaranteed to set you up for the day and keep you full until lunch!

Is It expensive to eat breakfast in Aonang Krabi? Budget-friendly options

A generous sit-down breakfast in Aonang tends to come at a more Western price point (if you’re looking to visit a more aesthetically pleasing restaurant/café). However, if you’re looking for cheap breakfasts in Krabi and Aonang, you’ll find an abundance of fruit stands and noodle vendors as you walk along the main beach streets.

If you’re looking for a real budget breakfast, the 7-Eleven is city of gold just waiting to be explored. As well as the popular 7-Eleven toasties that you pluck out of the fridge and hand to the cashiers to heat up, there are also treats to be found in the noodle aisle!

Jok (pronounced “joke”) is the Thai version of Chinese rice porridge or congee. With a consistency similar to oatmeal, it is often served as a breakfast food in Thailand – it’s worth noting it takes nothing like oatmeal! You can buy this Thai ‘porridge’ in little cartons in the 7-Eleven for around 20 Baht. The cashier will fill them with hot water so that you can enjoy a hot little pot on the go.

Best Breakfast Spots in Krabi: Unveiling Local Favourites

Having lived in Aonang for over 12 years, our team have become foodie experts when it comes to providing restaurant recommendations. Our favourite breakfast spots:

Much & Mellow Bread & Brunch Aonang

Much & Mellow Cafe is one of the newer Kids on the block in Aonang. It popped up following the success of its much larger sister restaurant in Krabi town, which serves large gooey pastries, cakes and a large menu offering both Western and Thai brunch options. While a lot smaller, Much & Mellow Bread & Brunch Aonang is similarly charming, inviting you to sit both indoors or outdoors to enjoy flaky pastries, breakfasts, or their extensive coffee menu (orange coffee anyone?).

vegetarian bowl in much and mellow aonang

Tan Hostel and Cafe

A tried and tested favourite of the Krabi Sunset Cruises team! Originally developed as a café to accompany their hostel, they now have two cafes. The smaller, original venue is beautifully decorated in wooden Bali-like stylings, with large bean bags out the front and table service for Buddha bowls, Avo toast, and egg dishes.

Their second venue opened in 2023, with a similar menu but with much more space and closer to Aonang Beach. It’s a great location for big groups, with large wooden tables that stretch out through the middle and allow for a relaxed and sociable breakfast.

tan cafe breakfast aonang

Cafe 8.98

Café 8.98 is very similar to Tan in terms of their menu offering, with the addition of a coffee deal for super early risers. Their café sits just between the two venues mentioned above, with comfy seats and a peaceful air. As well as the standard breakfasts, they also have a build-your-own bowl menu that runs into the afternoon.

CRU Kitchen & Bar

Looking for a breakfast that feels a little more luxurious? We recommend CRU Kitchen & Bar. It sits on the same street as Tan and Cafe 8.98 with a convenient open-view restaurant that comes with plush seating, slick looking tables, and moves into an evening feel with cocktails and live music. Here, you can expect a hearty Western-style breakfast – we particular like their coffee and sourdough. The team in CRU are particular friendly and it’s a great venue for those looking to host a breakfast celebration.

BUZZ Organic Food & Drink

BUZZ Organic Food & Drink is the go-to stop for healthy-eating foodies. The cafe has a focus on organic, veggie, and allergy-friendly food; you’ll find a wealthy selection of raw cold-pressed juices and pick-me-up smoothies.

HOTDOG & COLDCAT / Charcuteries & Food Artisan

A favourite of the locals, HotDog & ColdCat specialises in bringing Aonang expats a slice of home (quite literally!). As well as their deli selection of ready-to eat-meals, cold cuts, and pastries, you can also pop up for a traditional fry-up. If you’re missing some of your homely favourites, you’ll find almost everything here, from European wines to cheeses, sliced meats, mustard, jam, and butters. What makes HotDog & ColdCat even more charming is its location; the café sits unassumingly by the side of the road on the route to Krabi town, about 6km from Aonang Beach.

Breakfast with a view in Krabi

Much & Mellow beach Pop-Up

Remember we told you about Much & Mellow? As well as their two permanent kitchens, they brought a coffee pop-up to Aonang Beach in Dec 2023. It serves the same delicious hot and iced drinks as their main restaurants, but with uninterrupted beach views. You’ll find it just in front of Aonang Villa Resort.

coffee at the beach aonang

The Brightside Bistro

The Brightside Bistro is a cute little spot, tucked away down one of the little streets shooting off the main beach road. While most of their seating is indoors, they have a number of tables outside that offer views right down to the beach – perfect for people watching! Don’t miss their delicious cheese toasties (in a whole range of flavours), they even offer a vegan option!

Krabi’s 4 Island Champagne Breakfast Cruise

Why not push the boat out (see what we did there) with a Krabi Private Morning Breakfast Cruise? It feels like it should be a breakfast bucket-list must when you’re surrounded by famous islands! Our speciality private morning cruise is not only a wonderful way to enjoy a Krabi 4 Island Tour, but also an opportunity for you to have a private Thailand boat tour at a discounted price. On board, you’ll enjoy a gourmet breakfast spread – fresh fruits, assorted breads, smoked salmon, and more – all served against the backdrop of the Andaman Sea.

Find out more about a Krabi Private Morning Breakfast Cruise

guests helping themselves to a buffet breakfast onboard krabi sunset cruises

Exploring Krabi market breakfast delights

Venturing farther afield and taking an early-morning trip from Aonang to Krabi Town? Be sure to check out the Maharaj Market, or “Morning Market” for breakfast. This Krabi market starts particularly early (around 3 am) and runs until around 10 am, selling wholesale fresh produce, seafood, and general household goods. In amongst the hustle and bustle you’ll find food stalls selling all kinds of food, from noodles and Thai sweets to tea with lashings of condensed milk.

If you plan to visit Krabi’s Night Market, read our article: 10 Things to Do at Krabi Night Market

a selection of breakfast foods in aonang aboard krabi sunset cruises

While it’s easy to find a favourite breakfast cafe and then stick to it, we recommend you make the most of Aonang’s wide selection and try a few of the eateries listed above. For a unique breakfast experience, don’t forget to take a look at Krabi’s budget-friendly Private Morning Breakfast Cruise.

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